Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Started with Google Hangouts

Greetings Students:

At some point during this semester, I would like to host a Google Hangout for your class. This Hangout may replace an actual face to face class, or we may just make it an 'extra'  assignment for one or more classes.

In order to enjoy these as they are intended, you will need to do the following.  Ideally you will have all of this accomplished before we return from spring break.

  • First, you will need a web-cam.  These are often built into laptops and tablets, so you may not need to purchase anything.  If you are working on a desk-top computer, you can purchase a small webcam for under $20 at nearly any discount store (i.e. Walmart) or online (i.e. or
  • Second, you will need a microphone.  Some mobile devices come with microphones pre-installed, but I would recommend getting headphones with built in microphone. The prices vary, depending on the quality you would like, but you can get these for under $20 at nearly any discount store (i.e. Walmart) or online (i.e. or
  • Next, you will need to familiarize yourself with Google Hangouts (and, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a look around Google+, too) and get your computer (or device) set up with the Google Hangout Plug In.
To facilitate that.. take a quick look at this short tutorial:

Finally, I will probably embed the Google Hangout into this blog, which basically means you'll be able to come here to watch and listen to a You-Tube video of the Hangout (but not speak or contribute) in case you never manage to get yourself into the actual Hangout.  This also means everyone (include those who participated)  will be able to go back to view and review the Hangout (which will then be recorded) as often as necessary to learn what you missed.

Finally, you may follow me at Google+ by clicking on the Logo:

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Have fun learning about Google+ and Google Hangouts.  We will talk more about this during our next class meeting