Thursday, November 14, 2013

STAAR Grade 5 Mathematics Item Analysis - 24 & 27

In this series of posts, we are exploring 10 troublesome items on the 2013 April Administration of the 5th Grade Mathematics STAAR  We offer strategies your students can use to successfully navigate similar problems in the future.

Even if you don't teach 5th grade mathematics, many of the strategies here are useful for solving problems in other mathematics courses.

According to the 2013 STAAR item analysis provided by the Texas Education Agency, all 10 of the items we are exploring were answered correctly by fewer than 60% of test takers in the state of Texas!

In today's post we explore items 24 and 27

53% of test takers missed this question!

49% of test takers missed this question!

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  1. An interesting comment was posted by CCSSImath about problem #24 on YouTube. I wanted to share it with my blog visitors. And, I agree with this! .. I just wish I had noticed it myself! Thanks CCSIMath!

    Here is the comment ---

    The question is faulty. Answer J shows one combination of possible numbers of each type of animal, but it is not the only possible combination.
    Wording matters. The question "Which list shows THE number…" misleadingly implies there is a unique answer, but there are infinitely many.
    For instance, there could be 16 cows, 4 horses and 2 pigs.